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 ====== Check Processing ====== ====== Check Processing ======
 +You can deposit paper checks as if they were electronic funds, accept checks over the phone or online, and directly debit customer accounts— instantly and from the computer. ​
 +Your USAePay account should be set up for check processing, ask your Merchant Service Provider for details. ​
 +To process electronic check transactions through APIs, you should send to the gateway following variables. Names of the fields can vary by the API you want to use: 
 +^Electronic Check Transactions^^ ​
 +|routing |Bank routing number. Required for check transactions. |
 +|account |Bank account number. Required for check transactions. |
 +|dlnum |Driver'​s License Number. Required for check transactions if not using SSN. |
 +|dlstate |Driver'​s License Issuing State. Required for check transactions if not using SSN. |
 +|checknum |The checknumber. (optional) |
 +|checkimage_front |JPG image of front side of check. (optional). ​ Use raw image data,  do not encode using base64 |
 +|checkimage_back |JPG image of back side of check. (optional) |
 +|auxonus |Aux On US for check 21 |
 +|epccode |EPC Code for check 21 |
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