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Getting Started with USAePayLibrary-iOS

1) Create a new xcode-project

2) Select Next

3) Enter a product name, (you can input any name you like, in this case, we have “CCProcessingView”)

4) Select next, save the project to any directories you like. Now we have created a new project

5) Now right click, select “New Group” to create a new folder, name it “USAePayLibrary”

6) You should see a new folder call USAePayLibrary on the left side menu

7) If you haven't unzip the library you downloaded, please unzip it and you will see three files

8) Drag the Library folder to the project into USAePayLibrary Folder

9) Make sure “Copy items into destination group’s folder(if needed)” is selected, and the targets “CCProcessingView” is selected

10) Click finish, and you will see the library added to the project

11) One last thing, add -all_load to Linker Flags

a) Go to the target, then go to Build Settings

b) Type in “Other” in the search field, then go down to "Other Linker Flags"

c) Double click on “Other Linker Flags” opens a drop down menu

d) Click the add button, type in "-all_load"

e) Saves it, your final build setting should look like this

f) Thats it, you can start using the library. There is a "Settings.bundle" on the left, if you don't know what that is, just ignore it. It doesn't affect the project or the code if you don't have it.

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