Wireless ePay

Wireless ePay is a new, affordable option for merchants on the go. Wireless ePay works with any Java-based (J2ME) phone and allows merchants to process credit cards wirelessly while maintaining their low retail rates.

What is Wireless ePay?

Wireless ePay is a mobile solution for processing wireless transactions over any provider's wireless network. In the past, merchants who needed to process credit card sales in the field - whether it was at an open-air market or a networking conference - would have to call each credit card number in to their office, or imprint the card and process it long after the sale had actually taken place. The only alternative was to purchase an expensive wireless machine. But those days are over. Wireless ePay is the perfect solution: affordable and easy to use, it provides the convenience and security merchants need to process credit cards in the field.

Keep Your Retail Rates

Since Wireless ePay allows merchants to actually swipe the card and collect the card's magnetic data, merchants can keep their low retail rates. This is a part of the Retail ePay program where transactions sent to the gateway with the proper Retail Field (as outlined in our Gateway API's) will qualify for retail rates with merchant service banks.

Benefits of Wireless ePay

In addition to flexibility and low retail rates, there are additional benefits of using USA ePay's Wireless ePay as well. Without having to purchase expensive wireless equipment, merchants using the Wireless ePay technology are able to process credit card transactions from anywhere in the world. Wireless ePay merchants also have access to all of the services provided in USA ePay's Merchant Console, including reports and statistics, tracking and data to easily manage their accounts. Merchants can use Wireless ePay with confidence because like all of USA ePay's services, Wireless ePay is protected by the best fraud prevention and security protocols.

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