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Communication between USAePay and external developers is a critical component of integration. This section includes RSS news feeds and email subscriptions for the USAePay development group, to keep developers up to date on all of the updates and new features that we add on a regular and ongoing basis. While we make every effort to maintain backwards compatibility, changes can occasionally have a negative impact on merchant software.

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Network Operations

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COM Object v2.0

Version 2.0 of the COM Object has been released. The new version has several changes:

  • Added URL encoding and decoding support
  • Based on using cURL and OpenSSL, thus not affected by the global (“IE”) settings of WinInet
  • Supports integrated functions to calculate the MD5 hash for the user
  • Supports all variables from Transaction API
  • Based on BSTR, not LPSTR as the string input parameter type.

For a complete list of all changes in the 3.0 release please visit the COM Object v2.0

→

2011/10/11 16:09 · Irina Betten

Com Object Updates

This page contains updates when new versions of the COM Object are released. For more information on the Com Object, please see the Com Object Documentation. You may subscribe to these updates via an RSS Feed or via email subscription in the Developer Center.

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2011/10/11 16:01 · Irina Betten

DotNet Library v3.0

Version 3.0 of the .NET Library has been released. This version includes 3 new methods and over a hundred new properties. The majority of the changes in this release are made to the library to support all recent features added to the Transaction API and PHP Library. Some of the highlights include:

  • Custom Fields support added to the library
  • Line Items added
  • Support for new recent changes to the Transaction API, such as “cc:adjust”, “cc:save”
  • ThreatMetrix functionality added

For a complete list of all changes in the 3.0 release please visit the .NET Library v3.0

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2011/10/11 15:55 · Irina Betten

Sandbox Maintenance today, Monday, October 10th

Sandbox server maintenance is scheduled today for 12pm PST- 3pm PST. We apologize for the inconvenience during that time. The sandbox server should be available after that time frame. We are upgrading its hardware.

2011/10/10 10:22 · Vlad Galyuz

New and Updated Features on Transaction Details Screen

The individual transaction details page now includes a range of additional feature and functions which support and enhance merchant control and customization. The transaction details screen now displays an alert if the customer's card has been blocked via the card blocker fraud module, as well as a list of the ten most recent related transactions.

To read more about the list of related transactions, you may visit the transaction details support page.

To read more about the card blocker fraud module, you may visit the fraud module support page.

2011/09/26 08:08 · Nell McCabe

Block Card Module Now Available

Now available in the Fraud Modules section of the Merchant Console, the credit card blocker module checks the credit card number against a list of known bad card numbers and will decline the transaction if the card is found. The merchant can maintain their own list of bad cards as well as use the system provided list.

Read further details about the new fraud module on the transaction details support page.

2011/09/26 07:56 · Nell McCabe

New IP Addresses ( - 5/5/11

We have completed an expansion of the primary datacenter The upgrades provide a significant increase in processing capacity and redundancy. As part of the network redesign, new IP addresses have been assigned to this facility. While the existing IPs will continue to function for several months, DNS for will be changed to the new IP on 6/1/2011.

For most merchants there should be no impact due to this change. If an outbound firewall is being used, the new IP addresses will need to be added (see below).

For further information on the structure of the USAePay network and our high availability offerings, please see the High Availability Guide.

→

2011/05/05 16:18 · Tim McEwen

New Datacenter Available ( - 5/3/11

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most robust, highly available gateway possible, USAePay is proud to announce that we have completed final testing on a new datacenter. The new location is a fully functioning primary processing location. Like the other two primary processing locations, it features all of the resources necessary to process payments, independent of any other location. All data is replicated between all three sites and merchants can actively use any of the datacenters at any time. In the event of a major outage in any of the primary sites, traffic can be seamlessly routed to any of the other locations. For further information on our high availability offerings, please see the High Availability Guide.

→

2011/05/03 10:42 · Tim McEwen

Magento USAePay Module 1.0.0

USAePay has released version 1.0.0 of our payment module for the Magento shopping cart. The new release moves the module to “stable” status. New features include the ability to configure a customer receipt to be sent via the gateway. The merchant can also specify a custom receipt template. Credit card information is no longer stored in the Magento database. Refunds and additional invoices are processed using a transaction reference identifier instead. The new version is available via Magento Connect or our Magento support page

2010/09/09 15:56 · Tim McEwen

Shopping Cart Updates

This page contains updates when new versions of USAePay maintained shopping cart payment modules are released. Currently USAePay maintains modules for the open source shopping carts Magento, osCommerce and ZenCart. You may subscribe to these updates via an RSS Feed.

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2010/09/09 15:37 · Tim McEwen
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