New IP Addresses ( - 5/5/11

We have completed an expansion of the primary datacenter The upgrades provide a significant increase in processing capacity and redundancy. As part of the network redesign, new IP addresses have been assigned to this facility. While the existing IPs will continue to function for several months, DNS for will be changed to the new IP on 6/1/2011.

For most merchants there should be no impact due to this change. If an outbound firewall is being used, the new IP addresses will need to be added (see below).

For further information on the structure of the USAePay network and our high availability offerings, please see the High Availability Guide.

Firewall Changes

If the merchant is behind a firewall that restricts outbound traffic, they need to contact their network administrator to add the new IP addresses for this datacenter. The following IPs/Ports need to be allowed:

Host IPs Ports 80, 443 & 4443 80, 443 & 4443 80, 443 & 4443

A full list of IPs for all datacenters is available in the High Availability Guide.

Schedule of Traffic Migration

We encourage developers and merchants to start testing their software against the new IPs as soon as possible. This can be done by making a temporary entry in their hosts file.

During two maintenance windows we will be migrating the primary traffic load for to the new datacenter. This will provide developers, network administrators and merchants the opportunity to test their software before we put the new IPs into production full time.

Date Start Time End Time
Sunday 5/22 7:00pm PST 10:00pm
Sunday 5/29 7:00pm PST 10:00pm

The final move will happen on June 1st.

Merchant Impact

Merchants should not experience any processing impact unless they have an outbound firewall. Any processing issues should be reported immediately via urgent ticket.

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