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POS Device Server

In a traditional point of sale (POS) environment, the developer deploys software on the cash register computer which communicates directly with devices such card swipers and pinpads via usb or serial. Sensitive card data is transmitted from the swiper device to the cash register machine and point of sale before being forwarded to the credit card processor. This makes the POS software and the cash register computer a point of vulnerability to compromise.

The POS Device Server offloads all communication with pos devices. The POS device communicates directly with the PCI environment hosted by gateway SSL encrypted connection. The POS software sends instructions to the gateway to prompt the customer for payment and the gateway handles the entire process of handling card swipe, capturing signature and processing the payment. No sensitive card data ever touches the POS software or the computer its installed on. This greatly reduces risk for the merchant and simplifies the PCI audit process.


POS Software

This is the third party software being integrated. The following documentation assumes that this is a merchant facing application, although this is not necessarily required. Other applications could include customer facing kiosks, self service applications, etc.

POS Device

A point of sale hardware accessory such as a pin pad, card swiper, or combination unit.

API Methods

Change History

Rest Soap Description
GET /api/posdevice/registration getRegistrationPin Get a device registration pin
DELETE /api/posdevice/registration deletePosDeviceRegistration Remove device registration
GET /api/posdevice getPosDevice Retrieve information about connected pos device
GET /api/posdevice/screen getPosDeviceScreen Retrieve name of screen currently display on device
PUT /api/posdevice/screen displayPosDeviceScreen Display screen and/or custom message on pos device
DELETE /api/posdevice/screen clearPosDeviceScreen Clear pos screen and return device to idle
PUT /api/posdevice/checkout startCheckOut Start checkout pos device
POST /api/posdevice/checkout updateCheckOut Provide additional information to checkout process (ie add line items)
GET /api/posdevice/checkout getCheckOutStatus Retrieve information about current checkout status
DELETE /api/posdevice/checkout cancelCheckOut Cancel checkout
PUT /api/posdevice/signature requestSignature Start signature request
GET /api/posdevice/signature getSignatureStatus Retrieve status of signature and signature if complete
DELETE /api/posdevice/signature cancelSignatureRequest Cancel signature request

Example Application

To demonstrate the functionality of the POS Device Server api the following rudimentary point of sale application is provided. It is available as a VB.Net project. Please replace the example source key with your own SourceKey and pin before using.

POSDeviceExample Rev6

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