Contains information for a merchant application.   


New merchants are added to the gateway by submitting a merchant application.   The application is reviewed for accuracy and if all information is correct, will be converted into an active merchant account.  Applications are typically activated within 1-2 hours during business hours and within 12 hours during non-business hours.

This object contains all of the information necessary for submitting a new merchant application. All fields must be passed. You only need to populate platform fields required by the platform specified. If a required field is left blank, a soapfault will be thrown, non-required fields must be passed, but may be left blank.


Type    Name     Description    
string      ResellerEmail           Email address for reseller.  
string      MerchantName           Company name of merchant, used to identify merchant
ContactInfo ContactInfo             Address and contact information for merchant
string      CallInPassword         Optional call in password for merchant.   If a merchant has a call in password, they must provide this password to customer support staff before support will be given.  If no call in password is set,  support staff will verify merchant account info to clear the merchant
BillingInfo     BillingInfo                 Billing information and gateway package
string      SourceKeyName           Name of SourceKey to create when merchant is activated. Leave blank if no source key is requested
string      SourceKeyPin           Pin to assign to new SourceKey
string      SourceKeyType           Deliver to vendor
string      EmailSourceKeyTo       Email address to send the new sourcekey to.  The email will contain the sourcekey but not the pin
string      UserName               Username of merchant user that will be created when the application is activated.  A password will be randomly assigned by the system.  Merchant must change the password the first time they log in
string      EmailInstructionsTo     Email address to send the merchant console instructions to. The email will include the merchants username and password
string      CreditCardPlatform     Name of the credit card processor to set the merchant up on.  Possible values are: FDMS, Tsys, Paymentech, Global, MeS, and Heartland.  Leave blank if no credit card processing is requested.
string      CreditCardIndustry     Merchant Industry type: “eCommerce”, “Mail Order”, “Retail (Swipe)”, “Hotel”, “Restaurant”, “Utility/Bill Pay”, “Utility/Bill Pay (Card Present)”
FieldValue[] CreditCardPlatformSetup   Array of processor specific setup information (see below)
string      eCheckPlatform         Name of the electronic check processor to set the merchant up on. Contact integration support for the latest list
FieldValue[] eCheckPlatformSetup Array of processor specific setup information (contact integration support for list of fields)
string      ApplicationNotes         Notes or instructions for gateway staff activating merchant account, ie “Hold application until 3/4/10”
integer     MerchRefNum              Read only value.  Contains the Merchant ID Number once the application has been activated
integer     ApplicationID         Read only value.  The gateway assigned Application ID
string      Status                   Read only value.  Contains the status of the application

Credit Card Platform Setup

The fields required vary depending on the platform being used. The following fields apply to all platforms:

Field Example Notes
CreditPolicyBlock All CreditsThis sets the level of restrictions placed on a merchants ability to issue credits (refunds) to a credit cards. Possible values (listed from least to most restrictive): “No Restrictions”, “Minimal Restrictions”, “Require Prior Sale”, “Connected Refunds Only”, “Block All Credits”
AutoBatchClosure 24 Hours The desired schedule for automatically closing the merchants open batch. If omitted, the setting from the selected Package will be used. Can either be every x hours: '6 hours', '12 hours', '24 hours', '36 hours', '48 hours', '72 hours' or it can be a specific time of day: '3:45pm'. Multiple closures can be specified in a comma separated list: '6:30am,7:39pm,11:55pm'
ConsoleVersion 2 Set the desired console version

FDMS Nashville

Field Example Notes
MerchantNum 4120949485344948
MerchantID 0000000
TerminalID 0000000

Tsys, MeS and Heartland

Field Example Notes
AcquirerBIN 123456
MerchantNum 891234567890
AgentBank 000000
AgentChain 000000
StoreNumber 0001
TerminalNumber 0001
MCC 1234 Merchant category code (4 digits)
VNumber 1234567 Only needed for Tsys
MerchantName ACME BAGELS Merchant name as it will appear on cardholder statement
MerchantState CA
MerchantZip 90010
ServicePhoneNumber 3239312233 Customer Service number for merchant
AmexLevel2 Y Merchant is enrolled to process level 2 corporate purchasing cards (Y/N)
PinDebitSupport Y Merchant support pin debit transactions (Y/N)
DebitNetworks V,P,T Comma separated list of one character debit network codes


Field Example Notes
ClientNumber 1234
MerchantID 012345678901
TerminalNumber 001


Field Example Notes
BankID 123456
MerchantID 4567890123456

Additional Features

Field Notes
AutoBatchClosure Schedule for auto batch closure
AddToMasterUser Access to an existing multi merchant master username
BatchEmail Email address to send batch closure reports to
BatchErrorsEmail Email address to send batch closure failure notices to
ConsoleVersion Set the version of the console to set the merchant under. Will default to the resellers preference
RestrictUserNameToRole Normally the username will be configured with full access. This allows the newly created user to be placed in the specified “role”
ValidateUsername Set to “true” to require that the exact username is available. Otherwise the system will try to find an available username by adding a number to the end of the requested username.

Places Used



$App=new stdClass();
$App->ContactInfo = new stdClass();
$App->MerchantName = "Acme Bagel Company";
$App->ContactInfo->Contact = "John Doe"; 
$App->ContactInfo->Street  ='4929 Wilshire Blvd';
$App->ContactInfo->Street2 ='Suite 800';
$App->ContactInfo->City    ='Los Angeles'; 
$App->ContactInfo->State   ='CA';            
$App->ContactInfo->Zip     ='90010';           
$App->ContactInfo->Country ='US';        
$App->ContactInfo->Email   = '';
$App->ContactInfo->Fax         ='012134567890';      
$App->ContactInfo->Phone   ='687668678677';     
$App->ContactInfo->URL = 'http://acme';
$App->BillingInfo = new stdClass();
$App->BillingInfo->BankName = 'Bank of America';
$App->BillingInfo->RoutingNumber = '12342313312';
$App->BillingInfo->AccountNumber = '57655765754';
$App->BillingInfo->GatewayPackage = 'Platinum Package';
$App->CreditCardPlatform = 'FDMS';
$App->CreditCardIndustry = 'Retail (Swipe)';
$App->CreditCardPlatformSetup = array();
$App->CreditCardPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'MerchantNum', 'Value'=>'4454900399430020');
$App->CreditCardPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'MerchantID', 'Value'=>'382772891');
$App->CreditCardPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'TerminalID', 'Value'=>'112198000');
$App->eCheckPlatform = 'Vericheck';
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup = array();
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'DefaultSEC', 'Value'=>'TEL');
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'TaxID', 'Value'=>'123456789');
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'PIN', 'Value'=>'231');
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'MID', 'Value'=>'11231');
$App->eCheckPlatformSetup[] = array('Field'=>'AcceptedSecCodes', 'Value'=>'TEL,PPD,CCD');
$App->SourceKeyName = 'My Shopping Cart';
$App->SourceKeyPin = '1351';
$App->EmailSourceKeyTo = '';
$App->UserName = 'acmebagels';
$App->EmailInstructionsTo = '';
$App->ApplicationNotes = 'An example note for merchant application';


           MerchantApplication merchantapp = new MerchantApplication();
            merchantapp.setApplicationNotes("Application notes");
            BillingInfo billing = new BillingInfo();
            billing.setBankName("Example Bank");
            billing.setGatewayPackage("Silver Package");
            ContactInfo contactinfo = new ContactInfo();
            contactinfo.setContact("John Doe");
            contactinfo.setStreet("4929 Wilshire Blvd");
            contactinfo.setStreet2("Suite 899");
            contactinfo.setCity("Los Angeles");
            FieldValueArray platformdata = new FieldValueArray();
            platformdata.add(new FieldValue("MerchantNum","2334566356345"));
            platformdata.add(new FieldValue("MerchantID","1231230"));
            platformdata.add(new FieldValue("TerminalID","1231239"));
            FieldValueArray checkplatform = new FieldValueArray();
            checkplatform.add(new FieldValue("DefaultSEC","TEL"));
            checkplatform.add(new FieldValue("TaxID","123456789"));
            checkplatform.add(new FieldValue("PIN","231"));
            checkplatform.add(new FieldValue("MID","11231"));
            checkplatform.add(new FieldValue("AcceptedSecCodes","TEL,PPD,CCD"));
            merchantapp.setMerchantName("Example Company");
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