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Reseller API v1.3 Documentation

The USAePay Reseller API provides a standardized web services interface that allows resellers to leverage some of the reseller console functionality within their applications. It supports basic operations such adding new merchants to the gateway and retrieving usage reports. Since the API uses web standards, it is directly supported by many programming languages such as Dot Net and PHP.


SOAP uses WSDL files to describe the methods and objects that are made available by a webservice. With each new version of the USAePay soap API a new WSDL file is released. Once a version of the API is released, it's corresponding WSDL file will not change. This allows developers to continue to use an older version of the API indefinitely without the risk of future releases breaking existing code. There is no need to upgrade to the latest version unless new functionality is desired. There is also no restriction on the number of WSDL files used by an application. Existing code can continue to use the old WSDL while newly added code can use a second WSDL link.

To obtain a wsdl for the Reseller API, please contact the Integration Support department.

Current Version: 1.3

Prior to version 1.3, the reseller api was combined with the general merchant soap api.


addMerchantApplication Add a new merchant application to the system.
getMerchantApplicationStatus Retrieve the status of a pending merchant application.
getMerchant Retrieve details of a merchant's account.
updateMerchant Update details in a merchant's account.
deleteMerchant Request deletion of merchant account.
searchMerchants Search active merchants.
searchMerchantsCount Returns number of merchants that match search criteria.
searchMerchantsCustom Search active merchants, return custom columns
getMerchantSummary View summary of merchant activity.


Address Contains customer contact information.
FieldValue Generalized Field-Value Pair
MerchantApplicationObject Contains information for a new merchant application.
MerchantObject Contains contact information for an active merchant.
MerchantSearchResult Contains the results of a merchant search.
MerchantSummaryObject Summary of merchant activity over a given time period.
SearchParam Used to create a unique search parameter.
ueHash Defines the properties of the hash used to validate a source key.
ueSecurityToken Defines a source key used to identify a reseller.
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