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Run a check credit transaction.


This method runs a check Credit transaction in order to refund all or part of a previous Sale, or issue an open credit to a customer's check or savings account. This method uses ACH to send money to a customer.

If this method is used to reverse or refund an electronic check transaction, please be aware that both the original transaction and the refund will appear as separate transactions on the customer's bank account statement. To reverse a sale without creating a new transaction, you must use the voidTransaction method. Please see the description of the voidTransaction method for more details on how to determine which of these methods is most appropriate.

See also runCheckSale, runTransaction, runQuickSale, voidTransaction, refundTransaction



Type Name Description
ueSecurityToken Token Merchant security token: used to identify merchant and validate transaction.
TransactionRequestObject Params Request transaction details from all fields of the transaction form, including reference number, transaction amount, customer ID, currency, authorization code, and any other information entered at the time of the transaction.

Return Value

TransactionResponse Returns a TransactionResponse object containing the results of the transaction and all relevant data.



usaepay.TransactionRequestObject tran = new usaepay.TransactionRequestObject();
            tran.Details = new usaepay.TransactionDetail();
            tran.Details.Amount = 1.00;
            tran.Details.AmountSpecified = true;
            tran.Details.Invoice = "1234";
            tran.Details.Description = "Sample Check Credit";
            tran.CheckData = new usaepay.CheckData();
            tran.CheckData.Account = "1112223333";
            tran.CheckData.Routing = "123456789";
            tran.CheckData.DriversLicense = "D5555555";
            tran.CheckData.DriversLicenseState = "CA";
            tran.AccountHolder = "Test Guy";
            usaepay.TransactionResponse response = new usaepay.TransactionResponse();
                response = client.runCheckCredit(token, tran);
                if (response.ResultCode == "A")
                    MessageBox.Show(string.Concat("Transaction Approved, RefNum: ",
                    MessageBox.Show(string.Concat("Transaction Failed: ",
            catch (Exception err)

Change History

Version Change
1.0 Method added in soap v1.0
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