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 +====== MerchantApplicationObject ======
 +Contains information for a new merchant application.
 +===== Description =====
 +This object contains all of the information for a new merchant application. All fields must be passed. You only need to populate platform fields required by the platform specified. If a required field is left blank, a soapfault will be thrown, non-required fields must be passed, but may be left blank.
 +===== Properties =====
 +^Type    ^Name     ​^Description ​   ^
 +|string |Contact |Full name of merchant contact.|
 +|string |Company |Name of merchant company.|
 +|string |Street |Street Address|
 +|string |Street2 |Street Address 2|
 +|string |City |City|
 +|string |State |State or Provenance|
 +|string |Zip |Zipcode or Postal Code|
 +|string |Country |Country (2 character code)|
 +|string |Email |Email Address|
 +|string |Fax |Fax Number|
 +|string |Phone |Phone Number|
 +|string |MobilePhone |Mobile Phone Number|
 +|string |ResellerEmail |Reseller Email Address|
 +|string |AltEmail |Alternate Merchant Email Address|
 +|string |Url |Merchant'​s URL|
 +|string |billing_Bank |Merchant'​s ACH Bank (for electronic check transactions)|
 +|string |billing_Routing |Merchant'​s ACH Routing (for electronic check transactions)|
 +|string |billing_Account |Merchant'​s ACH Account (for electronic check transactions)|
 +|string |Platform |Processing Platform (FDMS, Vital, Paymentech, Global)|
 +|string |Industry |Industry (Ecommerce, Retail, Restaurant)|
 +|string |fdms_MerchantID |FirstData Merchant ID|
 +|string |fdms_TerminalID |FirstData Terminal ID|
 +|string |fdms_MerchNum |FirstData Merchant Number|
 +|string |vital_Bin |Vital Bin|
 +|string |vital_Agent |Vital Agent|
 +|string |vital_Chain |Vital Chain|
 +|string |vital_Sid |Vital SID|
 +|string |vital_Tid |Vital TID|
 +|string |vital_Mcc |Vital MCC (Merchant Category Code)|
 +|string |vital_MerchName |Vital Merchant Name|
 +|string |vital_MerchCity |Vital Merchant City (phone number)|
 +|string |vital_MerchState |Vital Merchant State|
 +|string |vital_CityCode |Vital City Code|
 +|string |paytech_Client |Paymentech Client #|
 +|string |paytech_MerchID |Paymentech Merchant ID|
 +|string |paytech_TermID |Paymentech Terminal ID|
 +|string |vc_MEN |Vericheck MEN|
 +|string |vc_MID |Vericheck MID|
 +|string |vc_MPA |Vericheck MPA|
 +|string |vc_Password |Vericheck call in password|
 +===== Places Used =====
 +[[developer:​soap:​methods:​addMerchantApplication]] ​
 +===== Examples =====
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