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Line 36: Line 36:
 try {  try { 
-//CustNum for Customer to Copy   +  ​// CustNum for Customer to Copy   
-$CustNum="​12345678";​+  $CustNum="​12345678";​
-//​toMerchToken setup the same way as token  +  ​// $toMerchToken ​is setup with sourcekey 
-//except in the merchant ​account the customer is being copied to. +  // for merchant being copied to 
-$NewCustNum=$client->​copyCustomer($token,​ $CustNum,​$toMerchToken);​+  $NewCustNum=$client->​copyCustomer($token,​ $CustNum,​$toMerchToken);​ 
 +} catch(Exception $e)  { 
-catch(Exception $e) {  
   echo '​Error:​ ' . $e->​getMessage(); ​   echo '​Error:​ ' . $e->​getMessage(); ​
Line 66: Line 63:
  ​BigInteger CustNum = BigInteger("​12345678"​);​  ​BigInteger CustNum = BigInteger("​12345678"​);​
-//​toMerchToken ​setup the same way as token  +// toMerchToken ​is the token setup with a source key 
-//except in the merchant ​account the customer is being copied to.+// for the merchant being copied to.
 BigInteger NewCustNum = client.copyCustomer(token,​ CustNum, toMerchToken);​ BigInteger NewCustNum = client.copyCustomer(token,​ CustNum, toMerchToken);​
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