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 ^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​   ^ ^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​   ^
-|Integer |BatchNum ​|Batch reference number (assigned by the gateway).|+|Integer |BatchRefNum ​|Batch reference number (assigned by the gateway).|
 |Integer |Sequence |Batch sequence number| |Integer |Sequence |Batch sequence number|
 |String |Status |Status of this batch (ie: open, closing, closed)| |String |Status |Status of this batch (ie: open, closing, closed)|
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 // see: http://​​developer/​soap/​howto/​php // see: http://​​developer/​soap/​howto/​php
-   ​$BatchStatus=$this->​client->​getBatchStatus($this->​token,​ $BatchNum);+   ​$BatchStatus=$this->​client->​getBatchStatus($this->​token,​ $BatchRefNum);
    echo $BatchStatus->​Status;​    echo $BatchStatus->​Status;​
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 <code xml> ​       ​ <code xml> ​       ​
 <​getBatchStatusReturn xsi:​type="​ns1:​BatchStatus">​ <​getBatchStatusReturn xsi:​type="​ns1:​BatchStatus">​
-<BatchNum ​xsi:​type="​xsd:​integer">​1936</​BatchNum>+<BatchRefNum ​xsi:​type="​xsd:​integer">​1936</​BatchRefNum>
 <Closed xsi:​type="​xsd:​string"></​Closed>​ <Closed xsi:​type="​xsd:​string"></​Closed>​
 <​CreditsAmount xsi:​type="​xsd:​double">​0</​CreditsAmount>​ <​CreditsAmount xsi:​type="​xsd:​double">​0</​CreditsAmount>​
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 </​getBatchStatusReturn>​ </​getBatchStatusReturn>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Change History =====
 +^Version ^Change ^
 +|1.2 | Renamed BatchNum Parameter to BatchRefNum |
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