WP e-Commerce Plugin with USAePay Tutorial

This page provides a guide for downloading and installing a USAePay payment module for WP e-Commerce. This module has been tested on WP e-Commerce .

  • Download the USAePay WP file and drop it inside your website folder.
  • Item Open your web browser and go to your WordPress Admin screen and login. The URL will be provided to you by WordPress.

  • Item In the Dashboard toolbar on the left, click on Plugins. Then click on Add New toward the top.

  • Now click on Upload section.

  • Click on Browse and select USAePay module that you downloaded previously and then click Install Now.

  • After plugin has been installed click on Activate Plugin.

  • Then go to the Settings section and click on Store.

  • Select Payments section on the top menu.

  • Click on Settings for USAePay plugin.

  • Plug in your source key and pin from your merchant account and configure the rest of the settings.After you done click on Save Changes. Now you can start using your WP Ecommerce with USAePay.

Gateway Settings

  1. Source Key - Put your source key here.
  2. Source Pin - (Optional but highly recommended) The pin increases transaction security and greatly reduces fraud. This pin must match the pin entered in the USAePay interface when setting up the source key..
  3. Sandbox Mode - Select 'Yes' to use the Sandbox server. Your source key must be created on a sandbox account.
  4. Transaction Mode - Please select the mode that you would like to process your transaction in. “Authorization Only” will hold funds from your customers credit card and will place the transaction in your Queued Transactions screen. “Authorize and Capture” will also hold funds but will place the transaction into your batch, ready for settlement.

Once all settings have been adjusted, click “Update” to save your changes.

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