USAePay Payment Tutorial

  1. The following is a step by step tutorial describing the USAePay Gateway Payment Settings. Please navigate your browser to the administration area of CommerceV3 by going to the web address and logging in using your provided CommerceV3 credentials. Once you're logged in please click into the store, and the part you want is under Settings / Options / Payment Options / Credit Card Options, and then select from the dropdown for “Choose the type of payment gateway you would like to use:” The following page should look similar to this.
  2. Merchant Key
    1. Enter your USAePay generated source key from your account. NOTE: this is not your login name OR password, this is a 32 character alphanumeric unique passphrase.
  3. Auth Type
    1. If you select “Auth Only (Suggested when shipping the product)” this will authorize your customer's credit card and you should see the transactions in the Queued Transactions area of the Batch Manager in your USAePay Merchant console. You will need to capture the funds manually in order to settle the transaction.
    2. If you select “Auth/Capture (Suggested for softgoods, downloads, memberships)” this will process the charge immediately and you should see your transactions in the Batches area of your USAePay Merchant console.
  4. Auth Full Amount
    1. If you select “Yes”, the full amount of transaction will be used for authorization.
    2. If you select “No”, $1 will be authorized instead of the full amount for auth only transactions.
    3. Environment
    4. Select “Production” to process a real charge or “Test” to run a test transaction. NOTE: Test transactions will be sent with the test mode flag on and will NOT be reflected in the merchant console therefore not be a real charge.
  5. Click “Submit” to save the settings
  6. Run a small sale through your website and see if it ends up in the Batches area of your merchant console
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