Magento 2

Magento 2 is a popular opensource ecommerce platform that represents the next generation in shopping carts, ecommerce technology and web standards.

USAePay maintains and supports a payment gateway extension for Magento 2.0 or later. This page contains instructions for installation of the module, a guide to the configuration options and troubleshooting assistance.

Installation via FTP

To install USAePay module for Magento 2 just upload the plugin files to your magento folder via FTP.

Start by downloading the USAePay Magento plugin:

Once downloaded, unzip/unpack the file. You should now have a folder called “Usaepay”:

These files must be uploaded into the same folders within your magento folder on your webserver. You would put it into “app\code” directory. Example: app\code\ZS… If you are not familiar with how to upload files to your website, please contact your web hosting provider.

Once these files are uploaded you should be able to log into your magento admin console. If installation was successful you should now see USAePay listed in the Payment Methods section of the store's configuration screen. You can find this by going into the Stores > Sales > Payment Methods.

If you do not see USAePay listed in the list of Payment Methods, it is possible that this screen is cached. Try cleaning the cache in Magento.


To configure the module go to the Stores > Sales. Then click on “Payment Methods” listed under the Sales section of the left hand bar. Then click on “USAePay.” You should then see a config screen that looks like:

To enable the USAePay module:

  1. Set Enabled to True
  2. Paste your source key into the Source Key field. (This key must be created in your usaepay merchant console.)
  3. Enter your source key pin. This must match the pin that was entered when the source key was created. If you do not have one, leave this field blank.
  4. Change Accepted Currency to US Dollar.
  5. Click on the “Save Config” button.

You should now be able to process credit cards via your USAePay account.

Configuration Options

Payment Action

Select 'Authorize and Capture“ to make an immediate charge. Select 'Authorize Only' to authorize the card and then manually settle the funds at a later time (such as during shipping).


Select a title for this Payment Option such as 'Secure Credit Card' or 'USAePay'.

Source Key

Please enter your USA ePay Source Key. Input your source key generated from your USAePay merchant console

Source PIN

Enter a pin, if applicable.

Transaction Description

Enter a description that will appear on all transactions or use #[orderid] to display the order ID.

Accepted Currency

Unless you have a Multi-Currency gateway account this is always US Dollars.

New Order Status

Select the status that will appear on all new orders.

Use Sandbox

Select “No” to send transactions to your main USAePay account. Select “Yes” to send transactions to a “sandbox” test environment.

Sort Order

If you have multiple payment options enter 1 to have this payment module be first.

Payment from applicable countries

If you accept payments from all countries select this option or select Specific and the next section will be active.

Payment from specific countries

Select specific countries to accept payment from.

Minimum Order Total

Enter the dollar amount for a minimum order.

Maximum Order Total

Enter the dollar amount for a maximum order.

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