Volusion 11

USAePay Payment Tutorial

  • Your store needs to communicate with USAePay and the gateway communicates with your merchant account bank. Therefore your store software only needs to know the connection settings for your gateway. Navigate to Settings —> Payment in the home page of your admin area.

  1. Gateway Name:
    1. Drop down the menu and select Other
  2. Gateway Name2:
    1. Enter : USAEPAY
  3. Custom:
    1. Enter your source key from the USAePay Merchant Console. It's a 32 character alphanumeric passphrase that is generated by you the Merchant. DO NOT enter your login name for USAePay OR your USAePay password. This will not work.
  4. Custom2:
    1. Leave Blank
  5. Custom3:
    1. Leave Blank

  • Payment Capture Settings:
  1. Select “Alternative Settings”
    1. If you select “Authorize and Capture at Sale” this will process the charge immediately and you should see your transactions in the Batches area of your USAePay Merchant console.
    2. If you select “Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping” this will authorize your customer's credit card and you should see the transactions in the Queued Transactions area of the Batch Manager in your USAePay Merchant console. You will need to capture the funds manually in order to settle the transaction.
    3. If you select “Authorize and Capture at Shipping” this process will not contact the gateway and you will have to manually process the transaction through the vTerminal of your USAePay Merchant console. This is NOT recommended.
  1. Volusion currently does not support USAePay as a check process as of now. USAePay is capable if processing checks for a merchant as well.
  2. Volusion does not support a PIN at the moment, only the source key can be used.
  3. Save the settings you just entered.
  4. Next, place a test order on your website for the cheapest product you sell - a $1.00 product would be great
  5. After checking out and processing you should be able to see your transaction in USAePay's Merchant console under Batches or Queued Transactions, depending on the Authorization Mode that was chosen.
  6. Make sure your source key is not in test mode, otherwise it will not be reflected in the Batch Manager.
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