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USAePay Reseller Console Guide

   - Announcements and updates on changes in the reseller console.

Track Applications
   - Monitor the status of all of your pending merchant applications in real time.

Add New Merchant
  - A step by step guide to adding new merchants to your system.

Active Merchants
   - Manage all of your active merchants from one easy location.

Reseller Store
   - Visit our reseller store where you can purchase essential equipment, tools and supplies.

   - View, download and print a variety of pre-made reports, as well as create your own custom designed reports.

   - Establish default charge amounts, frequency of summary email reports, and monitor all of your users from one convenient location.

Key Editor
   - View and edit all of the different sources from which you connect to your console.

   - Create the settings that will determine the look and feel of the Merchant Console that is presented to your merchants.

Glossary of Terms
   - A comprehensive list of industry terms and abbreviations.

Additional Resources
   - A quick reference guide for error codes, avs responses and more.

Developers are encouraged to visit the Developer's Center which contains programming scripts in a variety of languages as well as the Gateway API, which explains how to connect to the gateway processor.

For a list of Shopping Carts and eStores that have been registered with USA ePay click here.

Search Error Database
  - Search our database for errors using the error number, or keywords.

Download Errors File
   - Download the complete list of errors as a PDF or comma delimited file.

Request Forms
   - Forms to assist with USAePay Gateway account changes and updates..
Wireless ePay Questionnaire
   - Wireless ePay requirements questionnaire..
USAePay Marketing Brochures
   - USAePay marketing brochures and product information

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