The Orders page of your eCart console contains all past and pending orders in the system. The list is displayed by date, with the most recent order listed first. You can change the order in which the orders are displayed by clicking on the headings at the top of each column. At the top right hand side of the page is the total number of order that have been processed through your eCart.

The list can be sorted by the following:

ID An eCart assigned ID number used to track orders placed through your eCart.
Ref Num A gateway assigned reference number for identification and reporting purposes.
Placed The date on which the order was placed (default).
Customer Customer name.
Items Total number of items in the order.
Amount Total amount of order after discounts, tax and shipping charges have been applied.
AVS Result of the AVS (Address Verification Service) security check.
CVV2 Result of the CVV2 security check. (To see detailed description and diagram below, click here.)

You can search the system for a specific order by entering the order's ID into the Find box at the top of the page and clicking the Find button to the right.

View Order Details

To view the details for a specific order, click on the Details button to the right of the order you wish to view. At the top of the details page the order date and time will be displayed in bold, along with the order number (system assigned) and the shipping method.

In addition to this basic information, the following fields will be displayed:

Customer Billing Information

Name Customer's full name as it appears on his or her credit card or checking account.
Address Customer's billing street (must match address on record with his or her account for AVS purposes).
City/State/Zip Customer's billing city, state and zip code (must match address on record with his or her account for AVS purposes).
Country Customer's country.
Telephone Customer's billing telephone number.
Email Address Customer's billing email address.

Customer Shipping Information

listed only if different from billing information

Name Name of person to whom the order was shipped.
Address Street address to which the order was shipped.
City/State/Zip City/State/Zip of shipping address.

Credit Card Information

Subtotal Amount of order before discounts, tax, or shipping amounts.
Shipping Total shipping fee for order.
Tax Total tax amount for order.
Total Amount Total amount of order including subtotal, discounts, shipping, and taxes.
Cardholder Name Customer's name as it appears on credit card or checking account.
Card Number Credit card number (only the last four digits will be displayed for security reasons).

Authorization Information

Authorization Code Code issued when order is processed.
AVS Result Result of the AVS (Address Verification Service) check.
CVV2/CVC Result Results of the CVV2/CVC code, click here for list of possible return codes.

Products Ordered

Product # Merchant assigned product number.
ID # Merchant assigned product SKU.
Quantity Total number or items ordered.
Option 1 These fields tell you which variable options (such as size or color) your customer has chosen.
Option 2 These fields tell you which variable options (such as size or color) your customer has chosen.
Description Merchant assigned item title or name.
Unit Cost Total cost per item.
Comments optional field


The CVV2/CVC code is a three-digit number located on the back of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards as shown in the picture below. American Express is also incorporating this security feature by placing a four-digit number on the front of their cards. The code is used for verification purposes and to prevent credit card fraud.

The possible response codes and their corresponding returns are listed below:

code return
M Match
N No Match
P Not Processed
S Should be on card, but not so indicated.
U Issuer Not Certified
X No response from association.
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