General Settings

The General Settings is the first page of the Settings section and holds basic information about your eCart such as your name, web address, contact information and password. All of this information can be updated and saved at any time by filling in or altering the form and clicking on the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the screen.

Company Name

Enter your company name here as you would like it to appear to your customers on cart, checkout and other screens as well as emailed customer receipts.

Store Homepage

Customers will be directed to the page you provide in the “Store Homepage” space when they click on the “Go Shopping!” link in your shopping cart. Please make sure to enter the page your would like them to see when they click that link. If it is different than your homepage, make sure you include the full url so that the system can redirect your customers to the correct page.

Customer Service Phone Number

This is the number your customers will be directed to call if they experience difficulty placing their order.

Email Receipts To

This email address will automatically receive an receipt for each order that is placed through your eCart. It can be your regular business email, or another email account of your choosing. To send email receipts to multiple email addresses, separate the addresses with a comma (ie:,

# to Start Order ID's at

Most merchants leave this number set at zero. But you can change it to any number that is convenient and will best help you to keep track of your orders.

Change Password

To change your password, simply enter your old password in the first space provided, then enter your new password into the second space. When you click the “Save Settings” button, your new password will be saved.

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