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Bit cart offers multi vendor online store features to allow store owners to add variety of products from different vendors/manufacturers/whole sellers offering drop shipping. A separate admin panel for each vendor allows vendors to manage orders, shipping & payment against their products listed in online store. Easy shopping cart admin panel allows store owner to track, profit calculation & payment status against each vendor. This makes store owner life very easy. With not much efforts and a lot freedom he can add more and more products categories, variations for cross selling with original items. Bit Cart offers free live chat & Email marketing apps packaged with its shopping cart solution with both licensed and hosted shopping cart services. With these free apps, store owners save couple of hundred bucks which he required to spend on buying or leasing these tools to provide live chat support to their clients and sending email marketing campaigns to their subscribed clients. Bit cart also offers multi vendor shopping cart and logo design services to their ecommerce shopping cart customers and clients.

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898 Bay Ridge Avenue, New York, NY 11220, United States

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718 710 4627

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