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McMurtrey/Whitaker & Associates, Inc. was incorporated in December of 1989. Our companies' principals are Shannon McMurtrey and Bryan Whitaker. Since our founding in 1989 we have provided custom software, website design, and website automation solutions for organizations throughout North America and several foreign countries.

e-Commerce Toolkit

Cart32 v.4.x and up

e-Commerce Toolkit Information

Having tried quite a few shopping carts over the years, none are easier to use than Cart32, you have complete control over the appearance of your shopping cart. Version 4.x and up will also export to Quickbooks and comes with Access 2000 or SQL compatibility. You can not go wrong with Cart32. Review posted on CNet

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333 Park Central East, Ste. 610 Springfield, MO 65806

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(417) 865-1283

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