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Here are some of the features. You can find the whole list on the website.

  • Mobile Presence - Allow your customers to view your site on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other Smart Phone browser with an optimized design made specifically for the Smart Phone browser.
  • Social Media Connections - Use our Facebook Store feature to allow customers to view your products from right inside your Facebook Page! You can setup a tab inside your page and then allow CoreCommerce to take certain products you select and send them up to the Facebook system so it can display them to your customers.
  • Drive traffic using Product Feeds - CoreCommerce has built in product feeds with Google, Yahoo, Buy.com, Shopzilla, and others to allow you to take your product line and market it to the world via product feeds. Easily export your product info into the exact format for the feed you wish to send to, and then simply import it into that feeds system.
  • Drop Shipping/Warehouse Management - Do you have products that you don't stock, but rather get shipped from a warehouse, or drop shipped by a vendor? If so, then CoreCommerce has you covered! Add your own list of warehouses/drop shippers and you can choose to assign products to specific vendors or warehouses.
  • Keep Customers Informed - Use our built-in CoreCommerce Blog to create your very own blog right inside CoreCommerce so you can keep customers up to date on new items and events revolving around your business.
  • Design Flexibility - CoreCommerce offers a ton of design options for you to create the unique site you want for your business. You can choose from our list of excellent predesigned templates, or you can add your own custom design, by editing the HTML and CSS of a template and adding your own content.
  • Legendary Support - Our support team is here and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, chat, or tickets. All support techs keep up with and constantly populate our knowledgebase with questions/answers based on what you, our customers, ask us about.

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144 SE Parkway, Suite 260 Franklin, TN 37064

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