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HikaShop is a Joomla Extension released in 3 different editions : HikaShop Starter, HikaShop Essential and HikaShop Business.

HikaShop enables you to manage your shop's content (categories, products, etc), handle advanced prices management, heavily personalize your store by providing an easy interface to customize all the HikaShop views. You can also easily manage custom fields for users, their addresses and products, manage an affiliate program, easily handle the translation of the shop's content in multiple languages, show statistics and so much more…

USAePay Plugin

Provided by PolishedGeek :


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Plugin Features

  • Supports optional advanced security communication utilizing USAePay PIN key
  • Supports optional CCV code field required during checkout
  • Choose a custom return page URL, or leave blank for default HikaShop thank you page
  • Like most HikaShop payment plugins, choose whether to offer USAePay payment method for all or selected shipping methods
  • Add payment processing fee amount or %
  • Restrict this payment method to specific zones or allow for all geographic areas

Contacting Hikashop

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