Company Information: SecureCart is a part of a very unique e-commerce solution. Imagine a system that allows you to have a primary site and any number of secondary web sites whereby the cart will switch identity unique to each individual site. All of your orders are viewed in one location, while each customer gets an invoice matching any of your sites, including links and email addresses. SecureCart is a service, not something you have to install and configure. Custom work is most always free of charge.

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e-Commerce Toolkit Information

Use our custom designed database site builder. You can design the look and feel of your sites anyway you like. Free! When you host any site with us. Great for MivaMerchant users who have multiplesites. http://www.createmultiplesites.com

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P.O. Box 530595 Henderson, NV 89053

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(702) 940-9623

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