Web Services Corporation Inc.


Web Services Corporation Inc.

Company Information

Web Services Corp. are an Application Service Provider that offers affordable packaged and custom Shopping Carts, Electronic Content Delivery, Membership Software, Database Design, and Wireless Applications. Our products and services are used by thousands of clients around the globe from traditional small businesses to large corporations.

e-Commerce Toolkit

Member Services Deluxe Shopping Cart System

e-Commerce Toolkit Information

Adding a shopping cart to your website is now easier than ever. The NMS Deluxe Shopping Cart System is a shopping cart solution that easily integrates with your new or existing website. When integration is complete your website and shopping cart software are as one. If your looking for a total ecommerce shopping cart system, look no further! The NMS Deluxe Shopping Cart System integrates with most merchant gateways including USAePay. For clients that charge credit cards offline the NMS Deluxe Shopping Cart system has a built in Secure and password protected Order Pick Up Area where orders can be downloaded and processed offline.

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P.O. Box 1502 Oldsmar, FL 34677

Phone Number

(888) 422-5515

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