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See release notes for more details about other versions of the API.

The Soap interface provides a collection of methods implementinag a large portion of merchant and reseller functionality.

Getting Started

The following guides give specific setup instuctions/background information on using Soap with some of the more common programming languages. If you are using a language not listed below, please feel free to contact us for assistance. The Soap interface can be used with any programming language that is able to communicate with an HTTPS connection.



runTransaction Runs a transaction using the Transaction API.
runTransactionAPI Provides a Soap wrapper for the Transaction API.
runSale Run a new sale (debit) transaction for credit cards.
runAuthOnly Run a new authonly (debit) transaction for credit cards.
runCredit Run a credit transaction for credit cards.
runCheckSale Run a new sale (debit) transaction for checks.
runCheckCredit Run a credit transaction for checks.
runQuickSale Run a sale based on the credit card or check details of a previous transaction.
runQuickCredit Run a credit based on the credit card or check details of a previous transaction.
postAuth Post an offline authorization
captureTransaction Capture a queued transaction.
refundTransaction Refund a specific transaction.
overrideTransaction Override a specific transaction.
voidTransaction Void a specific transaction.
getTransactionStatus Retrieve the current status of a specific transaction.
getTransaction Retrieves all details of a specified transaction.
getTransactionCustom Retrieves only selected details of a specified transaction.
searchTransactions Search transactions and return full transaction records.
searchTransactionsCustom Search transactions and return only specific fields.
getTransactionReport Pull a transaction report.
convertTranToCust Convert a transaction data to a stored customer record.

Batch Uploads

createBatchUpload Post a new batch of transactions to the gateway for processing.
runBatchUpload Resume processing a paused batch upload.
pauseBatchUpload Pause a Batch Upload that is already running.
getBatchUploadStatus Retrieve the status of a currently running batch.

Credit Card Batches

searchBatches Search previously settled batches.
getBatchStatus Retrieves the status of a batch specified by its BatchNum.
closeBatch Close a batch specified by BatchNum.
getBatchTransactions Retrieve transactions in the batch specified by BatchNum


runCustomerTransaction Run a transaction using payment data stored in the customer database.
enableCustomer Enable recurring billing for a customer specified by CustNum.
disableCustomer Disable the recurring billing for a customer specified by CustNum.
deleteCustomer Delete the customer specified by CustNum.
searchCustomerID Find a CustNum (assigned by the gateway) using a CustID (assigned by merchant).
getCustomer Retrieve the customer details for a given CustNum.
searchCustomers Search for customers.
searchCustomersCustom Search for customers, returning custom columns.
getCustomerHistory Pull details of all transactions run for CustNum.
addCustomer Add a customer to your stored customer database.
addCustomerPaymentMethod Add a payment method for an existing customer.
deleteCustomerPaymentMethod Delete a payment method from an existing customer.
updateCustomer Replace all data for customer specified by CustNum.
quickUpdateCustomer Update customer data in selected fields only.
copyCustomer Copy customer from one merchant account to another.
moveCustomer Move customer from one merchant account to another.

General Merchant Methods

getAccountDetails Retrieves information about merchant account.
getSupportedCurrencies Retrieves an array of currencies supported by a merchant account.
currencyConversion Find currency conversion rate for a transaction amount.
bulkCurrencyConversion Converts multiple amounts in a single method call.

Reseller Methods

addMerchantApplication Add a new merchant application to the system.
getMerchantApplicationStatus Retrieve the status of a pending merchant application.
getMerchant Retrieve details of a merchant's account.
updateMerchant Update details in a merchant's account.
deleteMerchant Request deletion of merchant account.
searchMerchants Search active merchants.
getMerchantSummary View summary of merchant activity.


AccountDetails Contains all relevant data pertaining to a merchant account.
Address Contains customer contact information.
BatchStatus Contains information about a batch awaiting settlement.
BatchUploadStatus Contains information on an uploaded batch.
CheckData Contains information for electronic check transactions.
CheckTrace Electronic check transaction tracking data.
CreditCardData This object contains credit card specific information for a transaction.
CurrencyConversion Contains the results of a currency conversion.
CurrencyObject Describes a currency supported by the merchant's account.
CustomerObject Contains customer data.
CustomerSearchResult Contains customer search data.
FieldValue Generalized Field-Value Pair
MerchantApplicationObject Contains information for a new merchant application.
MerchantObject Contains contact information for an active merchant.
MerchantSearchResult Contains the results of a merchant search.
MerchantSummaryObject Summary of merchant activity over a given time period.
PaymentMethod Describes a customer payment method.
RecurringBilling This object stores information relating to specific recurring billing cycles.
SearchParam Used to create a unique search parameter.
TransactionDetail Contains transaction specific data.
TransactionObject Contains all transaction data.
TransactionRequestObject Used to run a new transaction.
TransactionResponse Contains details on the result of a processed transaction.
TransactionSearchResult Contains results of a transaction search.
ueHash Defines the properties of the hash used to validate a source key.
ueSecurityToken Defines a source key used to identify a merchant or reseller.
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