Delete a payment method from an existing customer.


This method removes a stored payment method from a customer's record.

Each customer record may contain multiple payment methods. (Exception: see Beta6 note below.) This option allows you to remove expired or unused payment methods from your customer's records.

New payment methods may be added by using addCustomerPaymentMethod.

This method requires the use of the CustNum, a unique customer number assigned by the gateway. If you have lost or cannot remember the customer's CustNum, use the searchCustomers method to find the correct CustNum.

Please Note: Beta6 supports only one payment method for each customer. This means that if you delete a payment method from a customer's account without adding a new method, the customer will be left with no existing payment methods.

See also runCustomerTransaction, enableCustomer, disableCustomer, deleteCustomer, searchCustomerID, getCustomer, searchCustomers, getCustomerHistory, addCustomer, addCustomerPaymentMethod, updateCustomer, quickUpdateCustomer


boolean deleteCustomerPaymentMethod ( ueSecurityToken Token, Custnum, integer PaymentMethodID )


Type Name Description
ueSecurityToken Token Merchant security token: used to identify merchant and validate transaction.
Custnum No description available.
integer PaymentMethodID The ID of the payment method to be deleted.

Return Value

boolean Returns confirmation of payment method deletion only if successful. If deletion fails, an exception will be thrown.


Dim CustNum As String
        CustNum = "120221"
        Dim PaymentID As String
        PaymentID = "78"
        Dim response As Boolean
        response = client.deleteCustomerPaymentMethod(token, CustNum, PaymentID)


string CustNum = "109100";
            string PaymentID = "50";
            Boolean response;
                response = client.deleteCustomerPaymentMethod(token, CustNum, PaymentID);
            catch (Exception err)
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