Soap API v1.2


Describes a customer payment method.


This object describes a customer payment method. Either CreditCardData or CheckData must be populated but not both. If a PaymentMethod is submitted with both CreditCardData and CheckData populated a fault will be thrown.

If this object is returned from a method, the CreditCardData or CheckData will be masked for security reasons.


Type Name Description
integer MethodID ID of payment method. This property is ignored when adding a new payment method but required if updating an existing method.
string MethodName Label for payment method. For example “Work Visa” or “Personal Checking.”
string Expires Date on which payment method will expire. Do not leave blank. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
CreditCardData CreditCardData Object describing credit card information.
CheckData CheckData Object describing electronic check information.
integer SecondarySort If set to value greater than 0, use this method as backup in case default fails. Secondary methods will be run in ascending order.
dateTime Created Date/time that the payment method was added
dateTime Modified Date/time that the payment method was last changed

Object Diagram

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Dim payMethod As usaepay.PaymentMethod = New usaepay.PaymentMethod
        payMethod.CreditCardData = New usaepay.CreditCardData
        payMethod.CreditCardData.CardExpiration = "1212"
        payMethod.CreditCardData.CardNumber = "4000100011112224"
        payMethod.CreditCardData.AvsStreet = "123 Main st."
        payMethod.CreditCardData.AvsZip = "90046"
        payMethod.MethodName = "My Visa"


usaepay.PaymentMethod payMethod = new usaepay.PaymentMethod();         
            payMethod.CreditCardData = new usaepay.CreditCardData();
            payMethod.CreditCardData.CardExpiration = "1212";
            payMethod.CreditCardData.CardNumber = "4444555566667779";
            payMethod.CreditCardData.AvsStreet = "123 Main st.";
            payMethod.CreditCardData.AvsZip = "90046";
            payMethod.MethodName = "My two";

Change History

Version Change
1.2 Added the Created and Modified Parameters
1.1 Soap 1.1 Release
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