Soap API v1.3


Reseller only method.

Add a new merchant application to the system.


This method adds a new merchant application to the system. If successful, the application ID will be returned. The application ID can be used to check on the status of the merchant application.

Please note that this function does not create a merchant account. The application will be reviewed and activated by the gateway staff. Once activated, a merchant ID will be assigned and all supported merchant related methods may be used.

See also getMerchantApplicationStatus, getMerchant, updateMerchant, deleteMerchant, searchMerchants, getMerchantSummary


integer addMerchantApplication ( ueSecurityToken Token, MerchantApplicationObject Application )


Type Name Description
ueSecurityToken Token Reseller security token: used to identify reseller and validate request.
MerchantApplicationObject Application No description available.

Return Value

integer Returns merchant application ID if successful, if request fails, an exception will be thrown.



For directions on how to set up the WSDL link, create “$token” and “$client”, go to PHP Soap How-to.

try {
  $obj=new stdClass();
  $obj->Contact ='John Test Merchant Doe';     //    Full Name of Merchant Contact
  $obj->Company ='Create Application Test';     //    Company Name
  $obj->Street  ='4929 Wilshire Blvd';
  $obj->Street2 ='Suite 800';               //    Street Address 2
  $obj->City    ='Los Angeles';           //    City
  $obj->State   ='CA';           //    State or Provenance
  $obj->Zip     ='90010';                //    Zipcode or Postal Code
  $obj->Country ='US';           //    Country (2 character code)
  $obj->Email   ='';//   Email Address
  $obj->Fax         ='012134567890';      //   Merchant Fax Number
  $obj->Phone   ='687668678677';      //   Merchant Phone Number
  $obj->MobilePhone='798787978788';   //   Merchant Mobile Phone
  $obj->ResellerEmail='';//Reseller Email Address
  $obj->AltEmail='';    //    Alternate Merchant Email Address
  $obj->Url='';               //    Merchants URL
  $obj->billing_Bank='Bank of America';//  Merchants ACH Bank
  $obj->billing_Routing='12342313312';//   Merchants ACH Routing
  $obj->billing_Account='57655765754';//   Merchants ACH Account
  $obj->Platform='fdms';                //    Processing Platform (FDMS, Vital, Paymentech, Global)
  $obj->Industry='Retail';               //    Industry (Ecommerce, Retail)
  $obj->fdms_MerchantID='79878798';  //    FirstData Merchant ID
  $obj->fdms_TerminalID='1234';  //    FirstData Terminal ID
  $obj->fdms_MerchNum='1234231212';  //    FirstData Merchant Number
  $obj->tsys_Bin='1234';                //    TSYS Bin
  $obj->tsys_Agent='Test';              //    TSYS Agent
  $obj->tsys_Chain='Test';              //    TSYS Chain
  $obj->tsys_Sid='123456';              //    TSYS SID
  $obj->tsys_Tid='999';         //    TSYS TID
  $obj->tsys_Mcc='111';         //    TSYS MCC (Merchant Category Code)
  $obj->tsys_MerchName='Test Merchant';// TSYS Merchant Name
  $obj->tsys_MerchCity='12345678901';//   TSYS Merchant City (phone number)
  $obj->tsys_MerchState='FL';   //    TSYS Merchant State
  $obj->tsys_CityCode='LA';             //    TSYS City Code
  $obj->paytech_Client='Test';   //    Paymentech Client #
  $obj->paytech_MerchID='56785678';      //    Paymentech Merchant ID
  $obj->paytech_TermID='123';    //    Paymentech Terminal ID
  $obj->vc_MEN='Vericheck';              //    Vericheck MEN
  $obj->vc_MID='112233';         //    Vericheck MID
  $obj->vc_MPA='783';            //    Vericheck MPA
  $obj->vc_Password='884';               //    Vericheck call in password
  $res=$client->addMerchantApplication($restoken, $obj);
catch (SoapFault $e) {
  echo $client->__getLastRequest();
  echo $client->__getLastResponse();
  die("addMerchantApplication failed: " .$e->getMessage());
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