Soap API v1.3


Search the product database, only return number of products matched


Identical to the searchProducts method except only the product counts are returned. Like searchProducts, this method returns ProductSearchResult. The only difference is that ProductSearchResult.Products is left empty. This method provides a quicker way to determine the size of the result set before starting to retrieve the full search results.

See also searchProducts, searchProductsCustom


ProductSearchResult searchProductsCount ( ueSecurityToken Token, SearchParam Search, boolean MatchAll, integer Start, integer Limit, string Sort)


Type Name Description
ueSecurityToken Token Merchant security token: used to identify merchant and validate transaction.
SearchParam Search Array of search parameters (SearchParam objects) available.
boolean MatchAll If set to “true,” only results matching all search criteria will be returned, if set to “false,” results matching any of the search criteria will be returned.
integer Start Sequence number to start returning on.
integer Limit Maximum number of transactions to return in result set.
string Sort Comma separated list of fields to sort by.

Return Value

ProductSearchResult Returns full products records for all products matching the specified search parameters.



For directions on how to set up the WSDL link, create “$token” and “$client”, go to PHP Soap How-to.



Dim MatchAll As Boolean
        MatchAll = False
        Dim searchParams(1) As usaepay.SearchParam
        searchParams(0) = New usaepay.SearchParam
        searchParams(0).Field = "Created"
        searchParams(0).Type = "gt"
        searchParams(0).Value = "2010-09-07"
        Dim SearchResults As usaepay.ProductSearchResult = New usaepay.ProductSearchResult
        SearchResults = client.searchProductsCount(token, searchParams, MatchAll, 0, 1000, "created")


usaepay.SearchParam[] param = new usaepay.SearchParam[1];
            param[0] = new usaepay.SearchParam();
            param[0].Field = "Created";
            param[0].Type = "Contains";
            param[0].Value = "2010-09-01";
            Boolean matchAll = true;
            string start = "0";
            string limit = "10";
            string sort = "created";
            usaepay.ProductSearchResult response = new usaepay.ProductSearchResult();
                response = client.searchProductsCount(token, param, matchAll, start, limit, sort);
            catch (Exception err)

Change History

Version Change
1.3 Function added in 1.3 release
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