Soap API v1.3


Electronic check transaction tracking data.


Tracking data for an electronic check transaction that provides the details and status of a check transaction.

Check transactions can change status several times, including being returned by the customer's bank. Make sure to check the status of a transaction for 1-2 weeks after a transaction has posted. Typically the reason for a return will be contained in the BankNote parameter.


Type Name Description
string TrackingNum Reference number assigned by check processor.
string Effective Date check was originally posted.
string Processed Date check was received by processor.
string Settled Date check was originally settled.
string Returned Date check was returned.
string ReturnedCode
string Reason
string Status
string StatusCode
string BankNote Note from checking account holder's bank. Typically this note will explain the reason for a returned check, but it may also indicate future changes to routing/account number even if the electronic check transaction was approved. For example, if the customer's bank has been bought by another bank, the original routing number will only remain valid for about a year. During this period, the bank will send back a note indicating the new routing number.

Places Used



Dim trace As usaepay.CheckTrace = New usaepay.CheckTrace
        trace = client.getCheckTrace(token, refnum)
        MsgBox("Tracking Number: " & trace.TrackingNum)


usaepay.CheckTrace trace = new usaepay.CheckTrace();
                trace = client.getCheckTrace(token, refnum);
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