Soap API v1.3


Describes a customer payment method.


This object describes a customer payment method. Either credit card or ACH (electronic check) information must be supplied. If both types are populated the check data will be ignored and the payment method will be created as a credit card.


Type Name Description
integer MethodID ID of payment method. This property is ignored when adding a new payment method but required if updating an existing method.
string MethodName Label for payment method. For example “Work Visa” or “Personal Checking.”
integer SecondarySort If set to value greater than 0, use this method as backup in case default fails. Secondary methods will be run in ascending order.
string Account ACH Bank Account Number (required for checks)
string AccountType ACH Type of Bank Account (Checking or Savings, defaults to checking)
string Routing ACH Bank Routing Number (required for checks)
string DriversLicense Drivers license number used for check guarantee (optional)
string DriversLicenseState Drivers license state (optional)
string RecordType ACH transaction type (optional, should be left blank unless instructed differently by check processor)
string CardNumber Credit card number (required for credit cards)
string CardExpiration Credit card expiration date in YYYY-MM format. It will also accept MMYY format. (required for credit cards)
string AvsStreet Street address for AVS (address verification system). (Optional but recommended for credit cards)
string AvsZip Zip code for AVS. (Optional but recommended for credit cards)
string CardCode CVV2/CID card identification code. This code is not stored and is only used when verifying a new payment method before it is added. (Optional for credit cards)
string CardType Type of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc). This is a read only parameter and will be ignored if set.
dateTime Created
dateTime Modified

Object Diagram

Places Used



Dim payMethod As usaepay.PaymentMethod = New usaepay.PaymentMethod
        payMethod.CardExpiration = "1212"
        payMethod.CardNumber = "4000100011112224"
        payMethod.AvsStreet = "123 Main st."
        payMethod.AvsZip = "90046"
        payMethod.MethodName = "My Visa"


  usaepay.PaymentMethod payMethod = new usaepay.PaymentMethod();
            payMethod.CardExpiration = "1212";
            payMethod.CardNumber = "4000100011112224";
            payMethod.AvsStreet = "123 Main st.";
            payMethod.AvsZip = "90046";
            payMethod.MethodName = "My Visa";

Change History

Version Change
1.3 Dropped CreditCardData and CheckData. Added Account, AccountType, DriversLicense, DriversLicenseState, RecordType, Routing, AvsStreet, AvsZip, CardCode, CardExpiration, CardNumber and CardType
1.2 Added the Created and Modified Parameters
1.1 Soap 1.1 Release
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