Soap API v1.3


Object describing a product.


This object contains all of the data needed for adding, updating, and deleting a product on the gateway.


Type Name Description
integer ProductRefNum Gateway assigned ID of product
string ProductID Merchant assigned product ID
string Category Product category
string SKU Stock-Keeping Unit
string UPC Universal Product Code
boolean Enabled Enables the ability to store products
string Name Name of the product
string Description Product description
string Model Model of the product
double Weight Weight of the product
double ShipWeight Shipping weight of the product
double Price Price of the product
double WholesalePrice Wholesale price of the product
double ListPrice List price of the product
string TaxClass Tax table for product. For simple tax scenarios set to “Taxable” if the item is taxable or “None” of the item is not taxable.
string DateAvailable Date the product is available for sale
string Manufacturer Maker of the product
boolean PhysicalGood Tangible/Shippable good.
integer MinQuantity Minimum quantity allowed
integer MaxQuantity Maximum quantity allowed
string ImageURL URL address of the product image
string URL URL of the product
ProductInventory[] Inventory Product inventory levels

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Change History

Version Change
1.3 Object added in 1.3 release
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