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Object describing a product price tier.


This object represents a variable pricing tier. There are two types of price tiers: general pricing and customer specific pricing. Both types implement qty thresholds. For example, buy 1 for $9.99 or buy 10 for $8.99 each. For general price tiers the 'CustomerTier' parameter should be omitted or left blank. An example price tier for a product with a base price of 199.99 might look like:

Qty Price
10 189.99
50 169.99
100 149.99

If a customer purchased up to 9 qty of this item, the price would be $199.99 each. If they purchased from 11 to 49 the price would be $189.99 each. From 50 to 99 would be $169.99 each. 100 and above would be $149.99 each.

A customer price tier allows customer specific pricing to be set. This is done by creating price tiers with the 'CustomerTier' parameter set. The value of 'CustomerTier' is flexible and can be set to any string up to 32 characters. A customer will receive this pricing if they have a matching PriceTier parameter set on the CustomerObject. Multiple customers can be assigned to the PriceTier. An example customer price tier table for a product with a base price of $199.99:

CustomerTier Qty Price
Distributor 1 129.99
Distributor 50 109.99
Distributor 100 99.99
Employee 1 99.99


Type Name Description
string Qty Qty threshold for price
string Price Product Price
string CustomerTier Customer based price tier identifier

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