Soap API v1.2


Reseller only method.

Retrieve the status of a pending merchant application.


This method returns the status of a merchant application (added either via the reseller console or the addMerchantApplication method). The application ID that was obtained when adding the merchant application must be passed.

Possible values for status include:

  • Pending - Application pending review
  • Under Review - Application is in the process of being reviewed
  • Waiting For Documents - Additional documents needed
  • Call Support - Application on hold, call for details
  • Declined - Application was declined
  • Approved - Merchant activated
  • Canceled - Application canceled

See also addMerchantApplication, getMerchant, updateMerchant, deleteMerchant, searchMerchants, getMerchantSummary


string getMerchantApplicationStatus ( ueSecurityToken Token, integer ApplicationID )


Type Name Description
ueSecurityToken Token Reseller security token, used to identify reseller and validate request.
integer ApplicationID The merchant application number assigned by the gateway.

Return Value

string Returns merchant application status. Possible results include: pending, under review, waiting for documents, on hold, declined, activated, canceled.



For directions on how to set up the WSDL link, create “$token” and “$client”, go to PHP Soap How-to.

try { 
  $res=$client->getMerchantApplicationStatus($restoken, $ApplicationID); 
  $this->assertEquals($res->MerchID, $ApplicationID); 
  $this->assertEquals($res->Zip, '12311'); 
catch (SoapFault $e) { 
  echo $client->__getLastRequest(); 
  echo $client->__getLastResponse(); 
  die("getMerchantApplicationStatus failed: " .$e->getMessage()); 
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