Soap API v1.2


Contains transaction specific data.


This object is used with several transaction methods and contains important transaction specific data such as invoice number, originating terminal, total amount of transaction, portions of total alloted for tip, tax and shipping, and currency code.


Type Name Description
string Invoice Transaction invoice number. Will be truncated to 10 characters. If this field is not provided, the system will submit the RefNum in its place.
string PONum Purchase Order Number for commercial card transactions - 25 characters.
string OrderID Transaction order ID. This field should be used to assign a unique order id to the transaction. The order ID can support 64 characters.
string Clerk Sales Clerk. Optional value indicating the clerk/person processing transaction, for reporting purposes.
string Terminal Terminal Name. Optional value indicating the terminal used to process transaction, for reporting purposes.
string Table Restaurant Table Number. Optional value indicating the restaurant table, for reporting purposes
string Description Transaction description.
string Comments Comments. Free form text.
double Amount Total billing amount. (Subtotal+Tax+Tip+Shipping-Discount=Amount.)
integer Currency Currency Code. 3 digit currency code of total amount.
double Tax Portion of total amount that is tax.
double Tip Portion of total amount that is tip.
boolean NonTax Determines whether a transaction is non-taxable.
double Shipping Portion of total amount that is shipping charges.
double Discount Amount of discount.
double Subtotal The amount of the transaction before tax, tip, shipping and discount have been applied.

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Change Log

Version Change
1.1 Added comments parameter.
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