Soap API v1.2


Contains results of a transaction search.


This object is returned by the searchTransactions method. It describes the result of the search, including the total number of transactions matched, the number being returned, and an array of TransactionObjects


Type Name Description
integer TransactionsMatched Total number of transactions matched
integer TransactionsReturned Number of transactions returned in this result set
integer ErrorsCount Total number of errors matched
integer DeclinesCount Total number of declines matched
integer SalesCount Total number of Sales matched
integer CreditsCount Total number of Credits matched
integer AuthOnlyCount Total number of AuthOnlys matched
integer VoidsCount Total number of Voids matched
float SalesAmount Total dollar amount of Sales matched
float CreditsAmount Total dollar amount of Credits matched
float AuthOnlyAmount Total dollar amount of AuthOnlys matched
float VoidsAmount Total dollar amount of Voids matched
float ErrorsAmount Total dollar amount of errors matched
float DeclinesAmount Total dollar amount of Declines matched
integer StartIndex The starting index used (defaults to 0)
integer Limit The max number transactions to return in each result set.
TransactionObject Transactions An array TransactionObjects for the matched transactions

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