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 +====== VPAS (Verified by Visa) and UCAF (Mastercard Secure Code) ======
 +The gateway supports VPAS (Verified by Visa) and UCAF (Mastercard Securecode) with both an integrated authentication system and support for third party verification. Using the integrated system provides a quick, easy method for developers to support Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code without requiring complicated XML messaging formats.
 +To use the integrated solution, the merchant must first have an account with Cardinal Commerce. (If the merchant does not have an account, but requests authentication,​ the transaction will be handled as if the cardholder is not enrolled in VPAS and/or UCAF.) The following process is required to use the integrated solution:
 +  - Merchant'​s site collects cardholder information
 +  - Merchant'​s site sends an authorization to gate.php with the UMcardauth flag set to true
 +  - Gateway checks to see if the cardholder is enrolled in the VPAS and/or UCAF program. If the cardholder has not set a password, the transaction is processed normally (gate.php will return UMstatus=Approved or UMstatus=Declined). If the cardholder does have a password then gate.php will return UMstatus=Verification indicating that the merchant'​s site needs to prompt the user for a password. In the response, gate.php will also send back UMacsurl and UMpayload.
 +  - Merchant'​s site must send the customer'​s browser to the URL contained in UMacsurl with three get values: PAReq set to the value in UMpayload, TermUrl set to the URL on the merchant'​s site that will continue the transaction,​ MD set to some identifying information (such as the order number) that will allow the order to proceed.
 +  - Customer enters their username and password. If authentication is successful, they will be sent back to TermUrl with the variable PaRes set.
 +  - Merchant'​s set sends a second authentication request to the gateway, identical to the one sent in step 2, except that UMpares is set to the value of PaRes.
 +  - Then gate.php returns Approved or Declined as usual.
 +If you are using a third party verification system, or implementing the Cardinal Commerce API on the merchant'​s side, simply pass UMcavv and UMeci with the authentication request. (Please note: UMxid is obsolete and will be ignored.)
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