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  1. Position your mouse arrow on top of the graphic that you have selected
  2. Use the right click button on your mouse and choose “Save Picture”
  3. Find the folder that you created for your web site and save the image in your images folder
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Company Logos

Below are USAePay Company Logos.

Product Images

PaySaber SBR-1000

USAePay Magnetic Swipe Reader

PaySaber Battery PSB-001

Battery Charger Bay BB-001

Car Charger / Cigarette Lighter Adapter CLA-001

PaySaber SBRJR-1000

Extra Power Supply PS-001

Rubber Jacket RJS-001

W-ePay Device thermal paper 5PK

Serial Cable

Software Activation Key

Star Micronics TSP 143 (100 Series)

Secure Logos

Please use the following image buttons on your website to display our secure seal.

Wireless ePay Images

W-ePay SC40

W-ePay Small

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