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USA eCart allows you to keep your website design the way that you want it to be with fully customizable options that allow you to make the cart match your site's design. Since the eCart is hosted on our servers you don't need to install any software or security certificates on your server.

The pages listed here are a guide designed to assist you in navigating and customizing your eCart.

eCart Management

Home – Important details about your eCart account.

Products – The place in your eCart where all of your product information is stored.

Orders – All of your current and past orders are stored here.

Reports – Download all of your products and orders for recording and reporting purposes.

eCart Settings

Manage all of your eCart settings, including the presentation of your cart, sales tax settings, and discounts.

General Settings – Set your company name, homepage, contact information and eCart user password.

Sales Tax – Set sales tax settings for individual countries, states or zip code ranges.

Shipping – Choose from a variety of shipping options, including UPS, USPS, and custom shipping.

Discounts – Add, delete and manage coupons, codes, and special customer discounts.

Images – Upload and manage images to customize your branded eCart.

Screens – Manage content on each of your eCart pages, including your cart, checkout, shipping, verify, process and receipt pages.

Payment – Set and manage your payment preferences, including credit cards, echecks and other payment methods.

Currency – Set and manage your all of your accepted currencies.

Developer's Tools

Website Development – Sample code and examples to help you connect your eCart to your Website.

Support Q&A

Email Us a Question – If you cannot find what you need in these pages, click here to send our support team an email with your question.

Open a Support Ticket Online – Open an online support ticket for a response to your problem within 24 hours.

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