Transaction Status Codes

The transaction status codes are used to indicate where in the transaction life cycle a transaction is. These codes can be used when searching on the status field.

Code Label Meaning
N Queued New Transaction (hasn't been processed yet)
P Pending For credit cards, batch hasn't closed yet. For checks, hasn't been sent to Bank yet.
B Submitted For checks, sent to bank and void no longer available.
F Funded Funded (for checks, the date that the money left the account.
S Settled For credit cards batch has been closed and transaction has settled. For checks, the transaction has cleared.
E Error Transaction encountered a post processing error. Not common.
V Voided Check transaction that has been voided
R Returned Check transaction that has been returned by the bank (ie for insufficient funds)
T Timed out Check transaction, no update has been received from the processor in 5 days.
M Manager Approval Req. Transaction has been put on hold pending manager approval. (checks)